Monday, 21 May 2018

Sunday 20th May - Sensas Kennet & Avon Canal Spring League Teams of 4, Hungerford

Sensas Nomads had 2 teams in this league but were 2 anglers short for the final round which was at Hungerford. I put my name forward and was accepted for the ''nobblers'' team (unfortunate name).
I had never fished further east than Devizes before so went about trying to get a bit of info on it. Hungerford AA had limited information on their site as did youtube so a few phone calls led me to believe it was more or less the same approach as in the Bath area.
Fortunately I had quite a few canal rigs already made up and just had to tie a few hook lengths of various sizes and lines. I ordered some squats from Mark Williams who was originally fishing but had to stand down with Mike Withey taking his place and who would also bring the squat.
The draw was at the Sun Inn which when route planned was 72 mile from home but all motorway except for a few miles so only 1 hour 15 mins drive.

I got there by 07:30 and the car park and adjacent roads were already full but found a little industrial estate and parked 3 minutes walk away. Breakfast sourced and met up with the team (Nobblers) which was....

Mike Withey
Rich Whitmarsh
Paul Rigby, also called in to fill a gap

Also had a chat with Geraint Powell who was fishing for Nomads Vets (he's only 20 at the most lol). Geraint had been doing quite well in the League but had never fished Hungerford before so no more info gained. None of the usual postcodes were available for where to park at the Sections so going in blind.

Mike came back with the draw, he was well down in the draw order (25 teams fishing, there were 27 apparently but 2 had dropped out for the final round)

I was on A24 which meant absolutely nothing to me but after taking to organiser Simon Hebditch he said it wouldn't be far and put me in touch with a guy who was in my section. His name was Phil Speakman, really nice guy and he was on A25, end peg. Even better he was parked beside me and heres his van....

He did say he drew a lot of ''end pegs'' ....underneath his number it says if he doesn't answer its because he is it.

We got to the parking area OK and had a good 90 minutes to set up as the match was 10:30 - 15:30. A short walk through a grave yard soon had me on the towpath and was soon on my peg.
Phil did have the end peg in A Section but B section was immediately following.
I was told I was in a good area and it did look nice....end peg Phil was excited.

It does look nice straight in front but there was no depth as there was a cut back, bit like a cow drink, the best area was across to my left.


I set up 3 rigs today. Across was a a choppy float 0.3 to 0.08 hook length to a fine 20, it was no more than 18'' deep and a good 14 metres.
Down the track, which flowed quite hard at times I had a 4x14 round bodied float to the same hook length and hook. It was around 4.5 foot deep. Finally a bottom of the near shelf rig (never used).

Due to the colour I decided to leave the bread in the bag and had already done a mix of Sensas Roach, Noire and Epicene the night before just needing to add some more water. Bait tray consisted of maggot, squat, pinkie and worm.

Skimmers would be the main quarry today so on the all in I fed 2 balls of ground bait with chop and caster plus some squat across to my left and the same down the middle leaving the right hand far bank swim alone for later.

Starting off down the track I was expecting to get a bite quickly but after 20 minutes nothing other than a few slight dips of the float so went across to the far left hand swim. I soon had a hand size skimmer so blank avoided. During the next 30 minutes I had a few roach around the 2 oz mark before some more hand sized skimmers arrived. The canal towed really hard at times and I had to keep re-feeding. Shipping back 14 metres each time was hard as I had to keep the pole rollers parallel to the canal as the patch behind me was very narrow. It was well into the second hour when I tried the right had far bank swim and put a string of roach together some around 3 oz so good weight builders. 
At the halfway point I tried a single caster over to my right and had an instant bite resulting in a big skimmer just under 2lbs followed by a smaller one. Caster was the best hook bait come the end so stuck with this the rest of the match. Worm did produce a few fish as well and I put a small piece on for the last 15 minutes of the match and lost what I believe was a big perch which took me around the back of the reeds breaking the hook length.

The scales came down and reports were that some of the early pegs in the section had struggled.

End peg Phil was first to weigh and had 9lb 2oz.

Phil with his catch made up of hand sized skimmers and dumpy roach

I knew I didn't have that but was pleased to record 6lb 14oz.

Not bad for a 1st visit to the venue

Heres how my section ended up..

I had 23 points so well up there for the team.

Both Nomads Team Sheets as follows.....

Match results as follows courtesy of Simon Hebditch Facebook page.....

Here are results of the Sensas Kennet & Avon Spring league on the canal at Hungerford.
99 people fished the final round of the Spring league on the prolific canal at Hungerford and it fished quite well with double figures needed to frame.
Winner on the day, and going one better than last week, was Wyvern Angling Gold’s Nick King who drew by the wires on the Marsh section and caught
Bream and skimmers to 2lb on fluoro or yellow maggot over groundbait to weigh 17-13.
Runner Up was PI Thatchers Lee Trivett who drew end peg at Lower Dunmill and caught 6 Bream and some bits on maggots an worms over groundbait over to some rushes.
3rd: John Williams (Drennan Oxford)- 11-1
4th: Chris Telling (Devizes Black)- 10-12
5th: Daniel Webb (PI Blackhorse)- 10-9
6th: Stretch Saunders (Bordon Shop)- 10-1
On the team front Drennan Oxford put a stirling team performance in to win with 96 points fro PI Blackhorse in second with 92 and Drennan Bordon Red in third with 83 points.
4th: Sensas A 4 Black- 82
5th: Rive Homestores- 78
6th: Sensas West Sussex- 75

This meant that Garbolino Blackmore Vale won the league for the second year running with 329 points winning £1000 and some Sensas prizes from PI Blackhorse who had 317 points and won £800.
3rd: PI Thatchers B- 283 (£600)
4th: Drennan Oxford- 277 (£300)
5th: Wyvern Angling Gold- 277
6th: Drennan Bordon Red- 275
Rob Randall (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) won the individual with 98 points from Graham Smith (PI Blackhorse) with 97 points and Nick King in third with 96 points, all winning Sensas goodies.
Thanks go to all the clubs who let their water be used, the draw venues, Sensas and M5 Angling for providing prizes, Devizes Ac for providing scales and especially all the anglers who make it such a friendly league despite challenging fishing at times!

Back on the Gloucester Canal on Sunday for the final round of the Spring League....end peg please or flyer.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunday 13th May - ''knock up'' Bristol Feeder Canal

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from Will Gibson who has fished the Feeder Canal quite a bit over the last 2 years asking if I was going to organise another ''knock up''. Will told me the Canal had been fishing quite well with 6lb nets of dace and roach commonplace. I had a look at my diary and found that 13th May was match free so sent out a text to the usual contacts and 10 positive replies came back although later reduced to 9. So it was on.

On the Friday morning (just gone) I decided to go and have a few hours on the Canal to see if the fish were actually there and migrating up from the City Docks.
I had about 4.5 hours down near Manor Scrap and had loads of bites netting big roach, dace and skimmers. I didn't weigh them but well into double figures. Most of the fish were caught down the track on 1 gram - 2 gram floats to 18's on 0.10 fluro over a mix of Sensas Gros Gardons, Noire and leam. Hold back hard was the best approach with pinkie or maggot on the hook.

A busy few hours 2 days before the ''knock up''

I was looking forward to Sunday not just for me but for the guys who were turning up and thought 15lb - 20lb would be needed to win.

I was up early and called into McDonalds in Bedminster for a breakfast roll and coffee on the way finally arriving outside Brandon Tool Hire Feeder Rd at about 07:10, the draw was at 08:00 so I set about pegging out. No pleasure anglers in sight so all good so far as you cannot close the stretch as its free fishing.
Just as I finished pegging out mate Steve arrived as did a pleasure angler but he went in below our last peg so no worries. Steve and I started carrying our gear across the road to the Canal to save time and the others started to arrive. 

I made it £15 all in paying 1 section of 5 £25 and 1 section of 4 £25 (luck of the draw) plus 1st £45 and 2nd £40. So almost 50% chance of a pick up.

I had the last peg left in the bucket and it was peg 9, end peg in our match but with 2 anglers now immediately below me not really, but I still got ribbed about the ''end peg''.

We were scheduled to fish 09:30 - 14:30 but as everyone was read at 09:15 the ''all in'' was called. In went 4 big balls of chop, caster and dead pinkie with a sprinkling of hemp down the track at 11 metres and 2 of the same further across at 13 metres. I had 3 rigs set up today, a 1 gram, 2 gram and 2.5 gram. The latter 2 rigs had 18's to 0.12 fluro and the 1 gram rig a 20 to 0.10 fluro. The 11 and 13 metre lines were more or less the same depth so marked up with tippex as you need to keep adjusting due to the level fluctuating during the day.

Starting down the track on the 1 gram rig it took a while (15 - 20 mins) to get my first bite ( I was beginning to have my doubts) which turned out to be a 2oz roach, phew I thought as it was looking dire. Leigh next to me started on the tip across hoping for a bream as they have been caught during the past week.  I started to put a few bites together and connect with a few fish, not big but more than I could see looking up the stretch. 
Lots of rowers appeared along with a few boats so it was difficult at times to keep the rig in the water for any length of time for a while. I nicked the odd fish now and then usually after topping up with a ball of ground bait. 
It was not fast and furious by any means and after 2 hours it appeared to switch off completely. At this point Leigh above me hadn't caught on anything.

A guy came up walking the bank and told me the 4 or 5 pleasure anglers below me hadn't caught but they had quite a few bream the previous week!

Around the 3rd hour Steve came down and said he only had a small chub and that most were struggling, not having a fish.

I just kept swapping lines and rigs all day getting the odd small fish and ended up with 3lb 5oz which was good enough on the day.

cannot believe how bad it fished after Fridays good bag?

Above me did not improve either during the day, results as follows:

1st     Ivan Currie  3lb 5oz (peg 9)
2nd    Jeff Surman 1lb 13oz (peg 5)

Section 1 - 5 by default Chris Hook 1lb 3oz (peg 4)
Section 6 - 9 by default Leigh Wakefield 10oz (peg 8)

Think thats it for the Feeder Canal this year.

Next Sunday I am fishing for one of the Sensas Nomads Teams on the K & A Canal, no idea where.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Sunday 6th May - Gloucester Canal Spring League Round 3, Hempstead, Rea to Pilot, Splatt and Saul Junction

Neither Sam or Chris could fish today so we drafted in Glenn and Lewis to make up the 4 man team along with Leigh and myself.
Organiser Mark Treasure spread the Sections of 4 x 25 anglers out across miles of Canal in order to try and put anglers on fish in the clear and very bright and warm conditions.

Leigh ended up on 61 below the new bridge at Hempstead, Glenn was 223 I believe between Rea and Pilot,  Lewis just a few pegs out of the bay at Saul Junction and I was 2nd peg in downstream of the boats at Splatt near Frampton on Severn village.

My peg did not look too bad although it was very clear but I though I may nick a few fish across under the bush on the far side where it was a good 8 foot deep. It was also a full top 5 plus deep down the track.

peg 626 

Next to me to my left on the first peg was Sensas 88 Paul Nicholls (also a Clevedon Club member). Paul adopted a similar approach. Below me to my right was Diawa Gordon Leagues Neil Richards.

After 20 minutes on the tip I had a small rattle, not a proper bite. I didn't bother with the bread to start with and on reflection wish I had instead I went straight on the fishmeal with dead red or worm and pinkie on the hook. After 1 hour 40 mins and nothing on the tip I went out on the pole over my leam and ground bait mix with a dead red. The 2 gram float sailed away just as it settled and I had a 3oz roach and my friends that was it for me for the whole match, exciting lol.

Paul managed to snare a big skimmer on the pole and a couple of bits while Neil below me did not have a single bite all match, never known him not to catch.

Paul with his fish, think he weighed 3lb 12oz

I took a few calls from the rest of the team during the match, Leigh struggled at first but managed a couple of bream for 7lb 12oz breaking his bad run on the venue. 

Leigh with his couple of bream which earned him a few points but not good enough to compete with the pegs on the Hempstead Bend.

Glenn finished about halfway with a few small skimmers, think he had 2lb ish. 
Lewis ended up bottom in his section with ozs like me.

The Match winner came from my Section but on the end peg near the mouth of the Cam, Shane Williams had 43lb of bream I believe there was a 30lb as well.

Did not get any other results as we all went straight home rather than double back on ourselves going back into Gloucester.

This Sunday 13th May 9 of us are having another go on the Bristol Feeder Canal which will defo fish much better than our last outing there in April then the week after than I am fishing for Sensas Nomads on the K & A somewhere.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Sunday 29th April - Pleasure session Gloucester Canal, Castle down.

I had no match in my calendar this weekend and put a call out on Facebook looking for a match. Of course there were a few on local Commercials but I hung back for a bit as I also put a ''post'' on the Kennet and Avon Canal match Facebook page as the Sensas Canal League 2nd Round was on and there may have been a few teams (27) short as a lot of guys had headed over to Holland.
It kinda worked as I was given a place fishing for Sensas Wiltshire Angling but then found out a day later they had a full team after all.
Team mate Chris Hook also fancied fishing at the weekend and was up for a pleasure session somewhere. I suggested the Gloucester Canal downstream of Castle and he was up for it. The previous week in the League this is where the two biggest weights came from and where I won the knock up the week before that.
I didn't need any additional bait as I had plenty of worm, dead maggot and pinkie plus live pinky from the week before as well as some green F1 Fishmeal ground bait.

I met Chris just before 08:00 in McDonalds at Hardwick where we had a bite to eat before travelling down to Castle which was only 5 minutes drive. I thought we may have been able to get parked up the west side of the bridge in the rough lay-by but it was completely full with boaters vehicles. Fortunately going back over the bridge we were able to park at an entrance to an orchard without blocking the gate, a bit of a walk but we had plenty of time.
I was travelling light today with only two feeder rods plus my box, bait bag, nets and accessory bag, Chris took the lot. Given that I knew were the fish had been we started the long easy walk down towards the sunken barge (tow path side).

I pointed out to Chris where I had been a couple of weeks ago (peg 441) so he suggested I fish there and he would go in on the next one down, 442.
It didn't take long to set up, Chris too a little longer trying out the slider plus a feeder rod. I usually mix up some black F1 for the feeder but picked up a bag of green by mistake instead. It was premixed the night before and after adding a little more water became a nice fluffy mix by the time I was ready to cast in.
I had one rod clipped up to fish two metres out from the tins on the far bank where it was around 7 foot deep with a 25 gram cage feeder to a 0.11 hook length with a drennan wide gape 16. The other rod which I didn't use all day was clipped up for the bottom of the far shelf with the same end tackle except for the feeder which was an ordinary open ender.

I started off putting a bit of worm and caster through the feeder with double dead red on the hook and I suppose it was around 20 minutes in when I had my first pull round ending up hitting the bite and netted a 1lb skimmer. 15 minutes later another pull round and connected with a better fish a big skimmer of around 2lbs happy days, Chris had still to get a bite. That soon changed when he netted a 4lb bream of 12mm double punch.

Chris netting his first bream

I cannot remember if I had a bream next or the tench which was a big surprise and a decent one at that around 5lbs. I thought it was a tench as when I got it half way across it started to take a lot of line.

I kept fishing the same line all day and had regular bites swapping hook baits and varying between half a worm and caster, dead red and live pinkie.

Chris and I both got smashed up so upped to 0.13 hook length and a 14 B520 hook without any more problems.

Chris did catch on the slider but the wind conditions prevented him from fishing it for any length of time.

We called it a day around 15:15 have enjoyed a great days fishing although a bit cold at times with the NE wind but it stayed dry.

Here are our catches......

Chris with his bag

my catch

close up of the tench

Decorating the hall stairs and landing at the moment so unlikely I will get out before the weekend unless I decide to got fluff chucking.

Round 3 of the Gloucester Canal Spring League this Sunday which I believe is from Splatt to Purton which fished its socks off last year. I was at Splatt and there was 800 lb of bream caught by 15 anglers!
Lets hope i get a good draw.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Sunday 22nd April - Gloucester Canal Spring League Round 2, Castle Up / Down and Saul Junction

Not much prep needed for the 2nd Round as most of the gear and duplicate rigs were in tact from the week before. I did have a short session on the Bristol Feeder Canal on the Tuesday but the wind beat me. I did have around 4lb of dace and roach in a couple of hours so the Canal is coming to life again. I also made the decision to upgrade my trusty Sensas 854 pole to the 974 and as a result of a few phone calls I picked it up on the Friday. A big thanks to Simon Hebditch of M5 Angling, Dan at Cadbury Angling and Stu Redman for the advice and delivery of a great package and deal.

Tuesday also saw a well attended Sensas Nomads Team Meeting in the evening and we are well into planning for this years events with a new squad so onwards and upwards I hope.

Back to todays match and we had one change from the previous week bringing in Leigh Wakefield who has only fished the Gloucester Canal a couple of times and is still getting to grips with it (much the same as everyone else).
Once off the M5 I noticed there was a road closure on the A38 from Hardwick going south which was the road you would normally take to get to todays Sections.

Mark Treasure who organises the matches had to take a little while to sort things out prior to the draw and to be fair to him he did giving alternative directions from the other side of the Canal.
Chris came back with the draw and I was on 387 upstream of Castle Bridge (I was on the downstream end the week before). Looking at the previous weeks result of the peg it showed 1lb 9oz.
Leigh was on 432 (Castle Down) and ozs had come off that the week before.
Chris was down at Saul on 464 and Sam 363 way above Castle.
Fishing was 11:00 - 16:00 again and most of us drove to the parking area's in a ''follow the leader'' style through the lanes. A couple of wrong turns but everyone got there in the end.

As I walked up to my peg I saw the first bay and remember Shane Williams weighing in 20lb odd of bream and a couple of big tench a few years ago but I was past that point about 4 pegs upstream. The next bay was another 8 pegs away from me also so didn't think much would happen especially as there was a lot of bankside disturbance across with people renovating a house.
Same set up as last week on all fronts except I had 2 lines going at 8 metres left and right. Down the track at 13 metres it was slightly deeper than the previous week.

Sam text me before the all in showing me his peg....... only 2 boats in his Section and he was bang smack in the middle.

Sams peg, personally I would have got everyone to move left and right, not on.

My peg

I cupped in 4 big balls down the track of soil, leam and lake with some offerings and a couple of balls left and right at 8 metres. Started on the bread across on about 6 to 7 foot of water. Not a touch after 45 minutes. Went down the middle early with half a worm, the float sailed away and a Daddy Ruff was the culprit, little bastard. No more bites down the middle so came in on the inside. Snared 2 blippy roach. No indications either on the fishmeal across on the tip all match and only managed a couple of wasp perch down the track. I just cannot say anymore because nothing happened and either side of me were also struggling. I phoned Leigh and he hadn't had a touch all match so blanked.

I had a total of 6 fish for 2oz and thats with the wind blowing the net! That was also better than 4 others in the Section. Peg 386 to my left weighed 1 oz and 388 to my right weighed 3 oz!

Chris managed a few fish weighing 4lb 7oz and picked up 3rd in Section Money, Sam weighed 2oz and has been speaking to the Samaritans for 24 hours.
The Canal fished ''rock hard'' for most but a few big weights were thrown up.

1st   Dave Clapton, Misfits, peg 439,  57lb (2 pegs from where I was last week and an end peg)
2nd  Lee Trivitt, Thatchers, peg 438,  51lb 14oz
3rd   Tony Davis, Mix and Match, peg 360,  32lb 11oz
4th   Shaun Bryan, DGL Blue, peg 370,  16lb 6oz (lots of liners and 3 lost fish due to foul hooked)

Top Team today was Thatchers who done exceptionally well.

Shaun had one on the pole and the rest on the tip within the last hour or so

Here are the Section Boards, not a pretty sight.....

Looking for a match next Sunday so hoping theres a practice on the Glossy.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Sunday 15th April - Gloucester Canal Spring League Practice - Castle Section Up and Down

Earlier in the week I was pleased to see that Andy Jane of Sensas Lobbys was running a practice match on the Castle Section which is to be used for Round 2 of the League next week. The Castle Section is between the Pilot Inn and Saul Junction. I made Chris, Sam and Leigh aware but none of them could make it so it was just myself. I don't mind as I know a lot of the anglers in the Gloucester area now anyway.
The draw was in McDonalds at Hardwick which is easy for me as its just off the Motorway Junction.

I got there nice an early around 07:25 and paid up. 26 fishing today partically due to the start of the Kennet and Avon Spring League (27 Teams of 4 I believe). Andy said it was just as well due to parking issues down at access point.
Before the draw there was much debate about how to overcome the parking problem and I have to say fair play to Andy for coming up with a solution. Everyone to drive to the bridge which goes over the canal unload their kit and then drive back up to the A38 park up and a couple of others would ferry them back, in turn using the few spaces that were available. He did give people the option of having their money back but they all went for the plan.
I was about a third down the due and pulled out 441.
I followed Alan Jones of Diawa Gordon down to the Canal as I wasn't 100% sure where I was going and parked up before the bridge but had to move on as a home owner wasn't happy. I did get parked back up the road alongside Tim Frampton which meant a longer walk but saved on the shuttling.

I was soon on the tow path and heading down towards Saul Junction, it was a hell of a walk and discovered I was end peg! It still did not mean anything to me as I have never fished this Section. Gary Townsend was next to me on 440 and said the peg I was on can throw up a few bream as do the pegs below me towards a sunken barge. Happy days I thought.

I set up the same as last week with the exception of only one Feeder Rod not two. I took my time checking the depth on the far shelf and it was quite shallow. In the end I opted for approx 2 metres out from the far bank tins where I had around 4' to 5' of water.
Down the track at just over 13 metres it was just shy of a full match top 5, I love fishing in this depth of water. The same 2 gram float as last week with 0.10 fluro hook length to an 18 completed the rig.
I set up another rig (1.5 gram) for the edge of the near shelf at 8 metres same hook length and hook as down the track rig.
Fishing today was 11:00 - 16:00 and I was ready with time to spare.

As it was a practice match I decided on a different approach on the ''all in'' cupping in 5 balls of Black Lake mixed with Leam and Soil laced with red squat, dead pinkie and caster. 3 balls of the same went in on the 8 metre line.

I think Gary next door to me fed his Feeder Line first with Liquidised Bread before cupping in. He is a good angler and knows the Canal really well.

I started off on the Bread Feeder with a 6mm double punch on a wide gape 16. I re-cast about every 5 minutes at the start and then after about 20 decided to leave in a bit longer. This paid off and a solid pull around soon had me playing a bream, not a big one but at around 1lb 8oz very welcome. Another 2 followed on the bread before bites appeared to dry up about an hour and a quarter in. I decided to stay on the bread for a further 15 minutes and added a  couple of roach before picking up the pole for down the track.

Just like last week first put in on the long pole I had a small skimmer shortly after the float settled. Within the next 30 minutes I added a few roach, one quite chunky around 8 ozs. After 30 minutes and no more bites I had a look at 8 metres adding one blade roach. Gary next to me was getting a few small fish on the pole but they did not appear to be very big. Looking down the match length I could not see a lot of action.

Picking up the Feeder Rod again I cast out with a mix of dark fishmeal and chopped worm plus a few dead pinkies. Half a worm tipped with a pinkie saw me connect with another small bream after 15 minutes. I started to get liners but even with casting short had no more positive bites. I did latch onto a skimmer about a pound but it came off just before the net.

The long pole was tried again and I added some more roach, small skimmers and a perch on a bit of a worm. I did see Mark Treasure net a fish a few pegs down but couldn't see what it was. The good thing about this match was there was no bank walkers so you just had to keep your head down a plan on.

On the start of the last hour I decided to give the bread another go and managed to nick another couple of roach. After 30 minutes I stopped using bread and went back on the fish meal with plenty of chopped worm. A few more liners but no proper bites.  With 10 minutes to go I went out with just neat fish meal and double dead red on the hook and with 5 minutes to go the bait had barely hit the bottom when the tip flew round and bream on. A nice one at around 3lbs.

Shane Williams and Charlie Vallender came up with the scales and board. Shane thought it was between Mark Treasure and myself for the Section at least. I asked how many bream Mark had and he said 5 ...hmmm same as me.

Charlie done the weigh and call out 16lb 13oz for me.

Happy with that

I carried on packing up and headed back catching up with Mark who told me he had 15lb 14oz, I think he caught mainly in the last 90 minutes across.
The only other weight in our Section was Craig Fletcher who had 9lb 14oz.

When I got back to the bridge over the canal it appeared I had done enough. Those roach etch on the pole had done it for me. The best weight the other side was Rob McKenzie (also on an end peg) with a level 12lb.

Overall paying out top 2 plus the top 2 in Section (by default) .....

1st    Ivan Currie Sensas Nomads 16lb 13oz
2nd  Mark Treasure Diawa Gordon League 15lb 14oz

A Section
1st   Craig Fletcher 9lb 14oz
2nd  Gary Townsend 3lb 12oz

B Section
1st   Rob McKenzie Mix and Match 12lb
2nd  Neil Richards Diawa Gordon league 4lb 11oz

Weigh boards below.....

The bream appear to be in pockets getting ready to spawn. Warmer weather forecast this week so will be interesting next week.... or will it?

Monday, 9 April 2018

Sunday 8th April - Gloucester Canal Spring League Teams of 4, Round 1

We had already registered for this popular event prior to Maver ceasing the sponsorship deal with us and decided to go ahead as Cadbury Angling and prior to our first outing under the Sensas Nomads banner for the South West Super League which starts late May.
Normally there are 15 Teams of 4 but leading up to match day there was talk of 27!
By the time match day came around it was reduced to 24 with one Team pulling out at the last minute causing a bit of a headache for the organisers as the pegging had to be amended. Still 96 anglers on a natural venue is tremendous.

The draw was at the Gordon League Rugby Club where breakfast roll were available and not sure why but they seemed to be overwhelmed and understaffed due to the demand but delivered in the end so well done to them.
It was nice to meet up with some old faces again some who you don't see from one Spring League to the other.

All of us got there nice and early and sat with our forthcoming team mates (Sensas Nomads) who also had one team fishing the League. The draw was delayed due to the pegging amendments and finally got under way about 08:30. The match length today was upper Hempstead then Simms to Pilot. Chris came back with the draw with the following pegs.....
Chris Hempstead 13
Me below Rea Bridge 175
Sam 221 halfway between Rea and Pilot
Glenn 320 Pilot end

On the face of it Sam had the best peg with bream the target the rest of us would be scratching.

Fishing was 11:00 to 16:00 so plenty of time to get there and set up.

When I got to my peg I was familiar with the area as I had drawn around there last year and the year before most did struggle with better weights around the bend into the late 180's / 190's.
Set up today was the Feeder across about a metre from the far blackthorn hedge another Feeder across in the deeper water about 20 metres out, a top 5 2gram rig at 13.5 metres, 0.10 fluro hook length to a 20 wide gap hook and finally a top 4 rig at 8 metres, 1.5 gramm float, and the same hook length etc.
Ground bait was Dark F1 for the tip and Dark F1 with a 50/50 mix of leam and mole hill soil for the pole lines. I also had some liqqy bread.
to compliment the above dead red and dead pinkies, squat, worm and caster.
Prior to the all in Paul Bick who was on 173 came down to have a chat by the sound of it he hadn't fished in the area before.

Paul Bick sandwiched between 2 boats

My peg 175 (Maver gear will be phased out and to be replaced with Sensas)

On the all in I took my time feeding the 2 pole lines, 3 balls went in down the track and 2 at 8 metres, these were to be left for at least an hour. I could see the 2 other angers below me and they balled it.

I started off on the liquidised bread across with a 6mm punch on the hook and after 30 minutes did not have a touch which was a bit worrying but not a surprise. Looking up and down as far as I could see no early fish had been snared, again not a surprise.
I changed to the fishmeal mix in the feeder across with a few dead pinkies and dead red on the hook to see if that would make a difference. I did have one knock but nothing positive. After 1 hour 15 mins I went out on the track line with double fluro pinkie on the hook and as soon as the float settled it sailed away, I struck and the no.6 elastic came out about a foot, wasn't expecting that but it was a small skimmer around 5oz so blank avoided. Could not get another bit right away so after 15 mins put on a small piece of worm and result another small skimmer, wheres your mum and dad I was thinking.

At 12:46 I had a text from Glenn saying that 1 hr 45 min in he had only a bleak and others around him blanking. Sam also text me to say he had 5 roach and a small skimmer on the bread but a few bream being caught around him, which I knew would be the case.

With the track not producing I came in on my 8 metre line and the float had hardly settled when it went under, another small skimmer and that was it from that line....why.

The rest of the match I managed a small skimmer on the far bank tip and a couple more down the track, just did not seem to be fish in any numbers in the peg...why do you catch one and then nothing?

I knew the 2 anglers below me had one or two bream so well down the Section with my 6 skimmers but did not think they had caught much above me.

While we were waiting for the scales one guy came past me as he had blanked...he said it was the walk of shame lol.

When the scales came to me I recorded 1lb 6oz and that was 15th out of 24 so not good but not a disaster. Here is my Section weights.....

Sam ended up with 1lb 7oz
Glenn 1oz
Chris 3oz
What a nightmare but it fished terrible (bloodworm and joker not allowed).

Here are the rest of the weight sheets...

Top 3 on the day...

1st    Rich Hoskins DGL 39lb 3oz
2nd   Mick Nowicki GBMV 16lb 14oz
3rd    Paul Nicholls Sensas Silver 14lb 1oz

Team positions after the 1st round..

Also a mention regarding Sensas Nomads young gun Geraint Powell who won the upper Hempstead Section with 6lb 8oz.

Geraint with his catch including a bonus tench.

Well it was good to get out for a proper match, not sure about next weekend hopefully there might be a practice match arranged on the Glossie.

Next Spring League match is 22nd April.